Order Fine Art


Order a custom piece from Class Bloom Artwork!  Leave a $50 deposit through the link below and schedule for your desired deadline, and Johanna will begin drawing/painting your piece.  Please use the "Contact" link at the top of the page to communicate all specifics such as desired size, media, and budget, and Johanna will follow up with further instructions.  Pricing is listed below.


Fine Art Pricing:

Minimum price for very small or simple pieces: $50

Small 9x12" tagboard (dry media and watercolor only): $100

Small 9x12" canvas for oil and acrylic: $150

Medium 11x17" watercolor paper (watercolor only): $200

Medium 16x20" illustration board (all media except oil; can be displayed without a frame): $250

Medium 16x20" canvas (acrylic and oil only, can be displayed without a frame): $300

Large 20x24" drawing paper (dry media only): $450

Large canvas paintings start at $500

20% discount is available for bundles of 2 or more pieces.  Custom sizing also available.

Framing: Add 30% for simple frames, and 50% for ornate frames.

Shipping starts at $10 for small unframed drawings, ranging up to $80 for large framed paintings.  Oil paintings cannot be shipped for at least 3 weeks due to increased dry time (even longer for thick paint styles).  Please use the "Contact" page for further information.

Digitization: High-quality scanning/photography of artwork is available.  Price varies depending on size and media.  PDF, JPEG, and PNG files available.

Logo creation is also available through computer editing and text addition.  Basic logos are $65 each; you will receive both the full digital file and the original 5x7" artwork.