Unmasking the marked

"If people were colored like horses, discrimination would be difficult indeed."

Welcome to my skin color project: Unmasking the Marked.  I combined my background in horse training with my artistic roots in photorealistic portraiture, to create a unique and thoughtful approach to the topics of race and skin color.  I asked for modeling permission from some of my friends, of all different nationalities, and changed their skin and hair color to mimic many different color patterns of the horses I work with.  I strove to preserve the spirit of each model with technical accuracy, while being creative with their "colors."  I used a mixture of colored pencil, pen, and charcoal.  My goal is to create images that challenge automatic stereotypes about skin color, by portraying human faces in very unusual and even non-human colors.  Please enjoy, and leave feedback through the "contact" page if you would like to share your reactions.

"Grace", mixed media.  Grace is based off the color black, with star, snip, and half blue eye.

"SangDae."  SangDae's portrait is based off the color Dapple Gray.

"Brian" is based off the color Chestnut, with a white strip.

"Mikaela" is based off the color Appaloosa, with multicolored eyes.