A Year of Moving

It seems to be quite the year for change. I have moved shops again, to Triton Tattoo of North Palm Beach. We tried our best, but unfortunately it seems people just don’t go the mall to get tattoos! I can’t complain, however, as my new shop has been very good for me already. My coworkers are extremely talented and kind, and some of them have been tattooing longer than I’ve been alive. I’m very grateful for their feedback, and pleased with the rate my work is progressing. Triton itself actually moved locations too, in the few months since I’ve been here. We now live around the corner from the old location, at 751 Northlake Blvd in a shop we remodeled ourselves. It’s beautiful; come visit!!

Source: www.tritontattoofl.com

The Big Move

So excited to announce that I have officially moved to a new shop in Florida!  My new family is located at Master Pierce, in the Mall at Wellington Green.  I am the first tattoo artist in the village of Wellington!  If you are still in Colorado, don't worry, I will still be taking orders to ship fine art (please click my "Order Fine Art" tab on the homepage) and I plan to take guest spots and tattoo conventions in Colorado as often as I can, to keep up with my amazing clients in my home state as well. :) Follow me on social media @classbloomartwork for updates, and check out my new shop here:


BuzzFeed Featured Tattoo

On November 24, 2017, BuzzFeed featured one of my tattoos in a Harry Potter compilation video. Check it out!  The Thestral (skeletal horse), near the end of the video.  My client and I were so excited to have our tattoo recognized this way!

Stratus Chamber Orchestra Featured Artist

I was honored by my friend David Rutherford (Colorado Public Radio host, Stratus Chamber Orchestra conductor) to be the interactive artist in his November concert. On November 17-18, I will be featured in Stratus Chamber Orchestra's concert series "daydreams and nightmares." My artwork will accent each piece, and I will be making a live stage drawing (theme picked by the audience) during both concerts, which are held at different locations in Denver. Come support our combined arts!  Tickets and more information can be found here:  http://stratusco.org/daydreams-and-nightmares

Scientific American

In early October 2017, one of my drawings was featured in an eclipse-themed article in Scientific American magazine. Check it out!


I was discovered and contacted via Instagram by blogger and journalist Kalliopi. To see more of her work, check out @kalliopi.monoyios Instagram, and the blog she founded on Twitter, @symbiartic.  She has a passion for "marrying" art and science, and I'm very honored to be part of it!