Johanna Bloom started creating photorealistic portraits at age 14. She expanded over the years, from literal realism, to detailed expressionism, to her signature "fantasy" art, as her portfolio also began to reflect philosophical expression. She studied 2D fine art in high school and one year at Biola University of Los Angeles, and then continued to teach herself through practice, selling custom art as a side job from 2013-2016.  She is adept in most 2D media, and enjoys diversity in her compositions.

In May 2016, she started a tattoo apprenticeship, graduating as a licensed tattoo artist in 2017 in her native state of Colorado. In March 2018, she moved to Master Pierce in Florida, to become the first tattoo artist in the village of Wellington.  She enjoys all her art, from portraits to fantasy tattoos to her first political project, Unmasking the Marked.  When she is not creating, she enjoys riding her dressage horse and adventuring with her husband, friends, and ferrets.